SWAN (Semantic Web Algebraic Notation)


Personal Draft.


SWAN is a language for communicating RDF Graph information, like RDF/XML or n3. Unlike those languages, it looks kind of like C, Java, Pascal, etc. It's still just a convenient notation for RDF Graphs.

   # first, some simple property statement triples
   # and now, a rule saying anything ora writes is good:
   if   $x.author=ora
   then $x.quality=good;

SWAN comes out of a couple research languages I've designed and implemented (called quantum and bok in unpublished work), but I don't actually have a working SWAN compiler yet. It's waiting for blindfold grammars to do most of the work.

I did make a first pass at a language spec some time ago. My intention now is to try a blindfold grammar (which is a machine executable & human readable spec) when I get the chance, and if that works nicely, maybe write a tutorial (like Tim's n3 tutorial).

Sandro Hawke
$Date: 2001/08/30 15:26:45 $