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Position Paper on DRM technology


IrdetoAccess has over 20 years of experience in the development of technology for Pay-TV systems. With the convergence of all distribution infrastructures and content formats to a digital form, the management of the rights to consume content is spanning accross multiple industries. The technologies and systems for DRM applications should be capable of operating in this diverse environment. IrdetoAccess would like the workshop to identify means of doing this in a way that allows consumers the greatest degree of freedom.

DRM accross different industries

DRM technology needs to be able to be interoperable. The plurality of content player platforms and distribution infrastructures result in a wide range of DRM implementations. IrdetoAccess would like to see the creation of technologies that allow different DRM Systems to cooperate, such that content can flow between proprietary DRM infrastructures. These technologies need to be flexible and under full control of the DRM systems involved. OPIMA is an example of the possible technology that may provide such a interoperability facility.

Other standardisation activities in the DRM area are addressing similar issues. Examples are the European Project Digital Video Broadcasting that is working on technologies to enable copy protection and management for personal video recorders. Similar activities are undertaken by the TV-Anytime activities. Others position papers will probably describe the efforts being done in MPEG and the CPTWG.

As IrdetoAccess is involved in these standardisation efforts we would like to see an active liason with these communities and the DRM technology development activity in W3C.