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DMDsecure Position Paper

Position Paper for W3C, Workshop on DRM

Prepared by Nickel van der Vorm
COO DMDsecure.com

Company Presentation

DMDsecure offers services based on Digital Rights Management to enable content owners and distributors in marketing, selling and delivering their products over the Internet.

DMDsecure introduction

DMDsecure provides technical solutions using several leading technologies to distribute digital content. With these (now WMA and Adobe) proven DRM technologies we increase the barriers for consumers to copy and distribute music files without the permission of the content owner. At the same time DMDsecure offers online outlets an operating platform, implementation, tools and services to shift their business model to a d-commerce (digital-commerce) model. Based on our Digital Media Distribution platform DMDsecure opens up new and previously impossible revenue streams. By adding value through providing marketing tools on top of DRM, we will lower the barriers for consumers to consume content in exchange for any form of transaction. We see transaction models in bringing consumers to a site, collecting marketing information from the consumer, loyalty programs and finally money transactions. Our clients are the content owners as well as the online outlets. We started our operations in the music industry and have added the publishing industry. We are a member of the EdiMA( http://www.edima.org/) which is a European organisation for companies involved with the online distribution of content

Needs for this workshop

  1. Understand how standards develop and which providers are formatting/following those standards; as we are creating a portfolio of DRM technologies in our platform this is extremely important for us.
  2. Map technical possibilities to potential customer requirements, identify the gaps and assign priorities (timing). Do these requirements differ in different market (sub) segments.
  3. Gain insight on the development of a possible License DTD, with which a lot of the DRM functionality and operationality could be improved.

Expectations of final outputs

  1. Clear insights in As Is situation
  2. Common understanding of possible ways forward
  3. Agreed dialogue on how to fill gabs in both standardisation as well as functionality

Potential contributions

  1. Share insights of customer requirements in both the publishing and music industries, including desired and possible revenue models
  2. Share hands on experience (technical and commercial) with two leading DRM technologies (WMA, Adobe)