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Minutes from the Introduction

Daniel J. Weitzner, Technology and Society Domain Leader, W3C

Danny Weitzner thanked the program committee for their work1. The challenges we face include social and legal issues, not just technology. We have to make sure the solutions we propose will work in the social and legal environments we currently depend on. We want the "universal information space" that is the web to work in a social and legal environment. We want to meet the need to have the WWW address copyright and ownership. This discussion should help us understand and help W3C members, to find the places we can be effective, to add to the work being done elsewhere.

Rigo Wenning, Workshop Co-Chair, W3C

Focused on logistics, but gave brief remarks on DRM. The major difference, is that this workshop tries to find a balanced approach to the conflict of rightsholders and authors on the one hand and users and Libraries on the other hand. Libraries today store the knowledge of the world. Will they still be able to do this, if we have efficient DRM? Will they be able to do their job, loaning works from their stocks? Another issue is the anonymity of access to protected works. Monitoring of digital objects may raise concerns about privacy.

Renato Iannella, Workshop Co-Chair, IPR Systems

Renato Iannella outlined the program of the next two days and explained the grouping of the different presentation. He also explained the rationale of the program committee, why they choosed the particular approach:

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