Presentation Notes

Dave Raggett - XHTML, XForms, Voice Interaction

W3C Workshop on Web Device Independent Authoring
Wednesday 4 October 2000

Notes taken by Gregory Rosmaita

XHTML: purpose: bring rigor and extensibility to
HTML; use of namespaces and extensions
XForms: improved support for forms on a great
variety of purposes; richer forms--use to create web
pages (web servants); separation of content from
presentation; separate UI from underlying logic;
improve internationalization; smarter forms (better
than DTDs & schemas); considering "suspend" (stop
filling out form and resume later, even on different

Voice Browsing: how can we converge voice
interaction to be an equal partner to visual
interaction?  keyboardless devices, devices with small
keyboards, impractical keyboards for text entry;
system gives you prompt, then user responds; collect
data, translate on back end; responses -- pre-
recorded audio or synthesized speech; trying to make
speech sound natural is bad idea--users confuse
naturalistic synthetic speech with human speech;
statistical language models; behavior modification;
dialogs (different question if didn't get proper
response); scripting important; 45 to 50 people in WG;
next step--multi-modal systems that combine speech
interaction with other forms of interaction