Discussion Notes

Closing plenary session

W3C Workshop on Web Device Independent Authoring
Wednesday 4 October 2000

Notes taken by Gregory Rosmaita


1. what is outcome?  have proceedings been
A: yes; presentations will be on web; notes and
minutes will be put on the web; transparencies will be
put on the web

Q: will this be combined with Hong Kong manifesto of
the Voice Browser WG?
A: link off public Voice Browser page; new concrete
specs for multi-modal presentations

Q: do you have a proposal to have them integrated?
A: suggest that compare both; find out commonality;
should the activities be merged with sub-working
groups or closely coordinated
DD: DI Activity will subsume VB, Mobile, CC/PP

Q: a number of people have suggested that what
needs to be fed into this is empirical research; would
be nice to see some of the taxonomic work dealt with
here propagated elsewhere
A: can't commit to that

Q: phrase from everyone everything connected -- the
everyone part addressed by WAI, everything covered
by DI activities (formal and informal)

DD: would like to thank Roger for hosting; have a safe
trip home, and hope to see you on mailing list or new