Presentation Notes

Hidetaka Ohto - Proposal for Device Independent Activity

W3C Workshop on Web Device Independent Authoring
Wednesday 4 October 2000

Notes taken by Gregory Rosmaita

W3C been discussing establishment of DI activity;
plan to propose to AC soon; new activity may merge
the mobile activity and the TV activity in W3C as well

what's going in the W3C concerning DI Activity
1. background: universal access (disabilities,
internationalization, device independence) is W3C
creed; many WGs trying to provide generic
frameworks for web access with multiple devices and
multiple modalities; CC/PP WG working on framework
for device capability and user preferences; right now,
non-PC web technologies diverging; in mobile area,
many specs (WAP, Imode, etc.) in TV area, several
web-related technologies; why?  trying to solve device
dependent issues (bandwidth issues, I/O issues); lack
of co-ordination among different consortia; W3C good
place to provide place for coordination and

how to achieve universal web access with multiple
devices (how to make them interoperable); several
possibilities in terms of system structure; transcoding
a possibility; single authoring using database or DI
markup another; third, the bottom line (share XHTML
Basic as a LCD language) -- content can be rendered

must identify issues; what exactly is the problem we
are trying to solve; characterization of devices
important; need to study domain specific issues and
find commonality; need to study how W3C
technologies can take the load for interoperability in
device specific domains; need to study what the
missing pieces are in the W3C as well;

new DI Activity's scope:
1. provide coordination and cooperation mechanisms
2. describe requirements for web access with multiple
3. test
4. provide results to related activities

4 working groups
1. DI WG -- work on correcting requirements
2. CC/PP WG/IG (already exists; will be subsumed
under DI Activity)
3. Mobile WG/IG (already exists; will be subsumed
under DI Activity)
4. TV WG/IG (already exists; will be subsumed under
DI Activity)

charter for 1 year; after 1 year, will decide to continue
or not, depending on output of DI Activity; right now,
concentrating on review and correcting requirements;
what are issues?  what is the model to follow? what is
proper device classification; DI markups (UIML, etc.)

Q: why is RDF not included in activity?
A: CC/PP uses RDF;