Presentation Notes

Max Froumentin - SVG, CSS and XSL

W3C Workshop on Web Device Independent Authoring
Wednesday 4 October 2000

Notes taken by Gregory Rosmaita

what the WGs are up to now and the state of software

CSS: 3 versions -- CSS1 (almost fully supported by
almost all graphical browsers; biggest obstacle getting
authors to separate content from style), CSS2
(positioning, media specific stylesheets with @media
rules (support growing, starting to be implemented;

CSS3 -- modularization (along device specific lines);

SVG -- not widely available; scalable unlike
bitmapped graphics; supports animation using SMIL
elements; styleable using CSS (change fonts, font
size, color, etc.); work on SVG at moment mostly
based on checking implementation -- just moved to
Candidate Recommendation status; WG testing
implementations until, in principle, all of SVG is
implemented; some implementations do almost all of
spec already; should be TR by end of year

XSLT: much move powerful (create table of content
from XML document) transformation (XML to XML);
high quality printing on paper; process been hijacked
by other web publishing processes that take the
transform part only and turn XML to XHML and WML;
been a recommendation since November 1999; 1.1
and 2.0 extension functions to transformation
language and XML schema support

XFO -- probably public at end of this week; implement
CSS properties and font selection; will move to CR
next where implementation testing occurs;

Q: proposal to remove voice properties from XFO and
moved to CSS -- has that been considered
A: has been mentioned, but no consensus yet
Q: WAP forum working on mobile CSS based on
CSS2 minus some things plus modularization;
coordination with W3C?
Dave R: CSS WG developing mobile profile with WAP
forum in mind; need to communicate and track each
others work
Daniel D: have a coordination group btw W3C & WAP
that meets monthly