Participants in the Independent User Interface Task Force

This is the list of people participating in the Independent User Interface Task Force.

This group is a task force of the Web Events Working Group, the Independent User Interface (Indie UI) Working Group.

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Caroline Jay
Picture of Caroline Jay
University of Manchester
Dominic Mazzoni
Google, Inc.
Edward O'Connor
Picture of Edward O'Connor
Apple, Inc.
Fabio PaternĂ²
Picture of Fabio PaternĂ²
CNR--Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Hans Hillen
Picture of Hans Hillen
The Paciello Group, LLC
James Craig
Picture of James Craig
Apple, Inc.
Janina Sajka
Picture of Janina Sajka
W3C Invited Experts
Jason White
Educational Testing Service
Joanmarie Diggs
Joseph Scheuhammer
Picture of Joseph Scheuhammer
W3C Invited Experts
Michael Cooper
staff contact
Picture of Michael Cooper
W3C Staff
Preety Kumar
Deque Systems, Inc.
Richard Schwerdtfeger
Picture of Richard Schwerdtfeger
IBM Corporation
Sangwhan Moon
Opera Software
Stephen Woodburn
IBM Corporation
T.V. Raman
Google, Inc.
Takeshi Kurosawa
Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.
vincent gros
Picture of vincent gros

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