Participants in the XML Security Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the XML Security Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

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Aldrin J D'Souza
EMC Corporation
Andrea Doherty
EMC Corporation
Brian LaMacchia
Microsoft Corporation
Chris Solc
Adobe Systems Inc.
Cynthia Martin
MITRE Corporation
Frederick Hirsch
Picture of Frederick Hirsch
W3C Invited Experts
Hal Lockhart
Oracle Corporation
James Eitelberg
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
John Wray
IBM Corporation
Juan Carlos Cruellas
Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya
Leonard Rosenthol
Adobe Systems Inc.
Magnus Nystrom
Microsoft Corporation
Picture of Mohamed ZERGAOUI
Peleus Uhley
Adobe Systems Inc.
Prabath Siriwardana
Pratik Datta
Oracle Corporation
Robert Miller
MITRE Corporation
Scott Cantor
W3C Invited Experts
Sean Mullan
Oracle Corporation
Shivaram Mysore
W3C Invited Experts
Wendy Seltzer
staff contact
Picture of Wendy Seltzer
W3C Staff

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