Participants in the SVG Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the SVG Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

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Atanassov, Rossen
Picture of Rossen Atanassov
Microsoft Corporation
Atkins Jr., Tab
Google, Inc.
Bah, Tavmjong
W3C invited expert
Baranovskiy, Dmitry
Picture of Dmitry Baranovskiy
Bellamy-Royds, Amelia
Picture of Amelia Bellamy-Royds
W3C invited expert
Birtles, Brian
Mozilla Foundation
Cooper, Michael
Picture of Michael Cooper
W3C Staff
Danilo, Alex
Picture of Alex Danilo
Google, Inc.
Faulkner, Steve
Picture of Steve Faulkner
The Paciello Group, LLC
Horton, Timothy
Apple, Inc.
Ishii, Koji
Google, Inc.
Jackson, Dean
Apple, Inc.
Jain, Gaurav
Jurubita, Alexandru
HM Government
Lilley, Chris
staff contact
Picture of Chris Lilley
W3C Staff
Little, Chris
Picture of Chris Little
Met Office
Maxfield, Myles
Apple, Inc.
McCormack, Cameron
Picture of Cameron McCormack
Mozilla Foundation
Moissinac, Jean-Claude
Patel, Sairus
Picture of Sairus Patel
Pouncey, Ian
The Paciello Group, LLC
prado, Deblyn
NIC.br - Brazilian Network Information Center
Rosenthol, Leonard
Schulze, Dirk
Picture of Dirk Schulze
Smailus, Thomas
Picture of Thomas Smailus
The Boeing Company
Stephens, Shane
Google, Inc.
Storey, David
Microsoft Corporation
Takagi, Satoru
Picture of Satoru Takagi
Watson, LĂ©onie
The Paciello Group, LLC
Watt, Jonathan
Picture of Jonathan Watt
Mozilla Foundation
Willigers, Eric
Google, Inc.

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