Positioning Paper for the WAP/W3C Workshop Sept. 5-6, 2000, in Hong Kong

Philips Speech Processing

Philips Speech Processing, a business unit of Royal Philips Electronics, is a leader in speech recognition and true dialog systems. - For information about the company, see www.speech.philips.com . We are members of the W3C Voice Browser Working Group.

Author: Dr. Volker Steinbiss, CTO

Subjects That We Would Like to Address:

We expect from the workshop that the participants come close to a commonly shared vision of the business and technical directions, and that concrete steps with action holders will be defined at the end of day 2.

We have ample experience with high-level speech dialog systems, both with commercial deployments and from the research angle, and would like to contribute regarding multi-modality issues, architecture, and dialog description languages.

Some ideas on the subject in a nutshell:

Rendering Information

Raw content (existing in a database) can be presented in different ways, e.g.:


Translation of WML to VoiceXML

Standards are Required for