Appendix F: Internationalization Support


This appendix is informative, not normative.

F.1 Internationalization and SVG

SVG is an application of XML [XML10] and thus supports Unicode [UNICODE] [UNICODE21], which provides universal 16-bit encoding for the scripts of the world's principal languages.

Additionally, SVG provides a mechanism for precise control of the glyphs used to draw text strings, which is described in Ligatures and alternate glyphs. This facility provides:

(??? Vertical text in SVG is still under discussion.)

F.2 SVG Internationalization Guidelines

(Only sketched out so far.)

Will indicate that SVG generators should follow W3C guidelines for normalizing character data [CHARMOD] and should use the facilities for Ligatures and alternate glyphs to override the standard glyphs used to represent normalized character data with specified glyphs.

It also might be valuable to provide a guideline for how to author a single SVG document that supports substitution of character data from different languages.