Number to name database update

Add a name mapping for the W3C Teleconference Bridge Status

The W3C Teleconference Bridge Status display shows the active ports on the W3C bridges. If calling party identification data is available the calling telephone number will be displayed. The right-most four digits of the number will be masked to provide some privacy. If a name is known for the telephone number that name will be displayed in place of the number.

To enter a name into the database corresponding to a telephone number, use the form below.

This form submits a name to number mapping to the W3C teleconference bridge monitor database. This does not update the bridge monitor immediately, however the data will be used in a future call if we receive callerID information from your phone.

Telephone number corresponds to

Please use the full telephone number including country code. When displayed, the right-most four digits will be masked.

Created by Ralph R. Swick <swick>
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