W3C Workshop on Web Characterisation Participant list

There were 32 participants.

First name Last name Email Organization Phone Position paper URL
Spencer Dawkins sdawkins@nortel.com Nortel +1-972-684-4827 Position Paper
Zhen LIU liu@sophia.inria.fr INRIA +33 4 92 38 78 69 Position paper
Edward O'Neill oneill@oclc.org OCLC +1-614-764-6074 Characterizing the Web and Web-Accessible Information
Martin Arlitt arlitt@hpl.hp.com Hewlett-Packard Laboratories +1-650-236-2162
Fred Douglis douglis@research.att.com AT&T Labs--Research +1-973-360-8775 Rate of Change in the Web
Balachander Krishnamurthy bala@research.att.com AT&T Labs--Research +1-973-360-8648 Software Issues in Characterizing Web Server Logs

HTTP 1.0 Logs Considered Harmful

Jim Pitkow pitkow@parc.xerox.com Xerox PARC +1-650 812 4941
Pei Cao cao@cs.wisc.edu University of Wisconsin-Madison +1-608-262-2252 Characterization of Web Proxy Traffic and Wisconsin Proxy Benchmark 2.0
Eric Siegel esiegel@keynote.com Keynote Systems, Inc. +1-703 524-3028 Keynote and its commercial products
Ghaleb Abdulla gabdulla@dow.com Dow Chemical +1-409 238-0244 Web Traffic Characterization and Information Delivery
Paul Barford barford@cs.bu.edu Boston University +1-617 353-9777 Boston University's OCEANS Group Position Paper
Mark Crovella crovella@bu.edu Boston University, Computer Science Dept. +1-617 353-8923 See Barford
Gerhard Wetzel gw@crystaliz.com Crystaliz, Inc +1-978-371-2763
Jim Gettys jg@w3.org W3C +1-617-253-7288
Andrew Fry andrew@freerange.com Lariat Software, Inc. +1-206-340-9305 Statistical Analysis and Reporting as Applied to Unique Characteristics of Streamed Media
Bob Carter carter@bellcore.com Bellcore +1-973 829-4371
Katherine Guo kguo@lucent.com Lucent Bell Labs +1-732-949-8956 Proposal for Collecting Access Statistics for Continuous Media Access on the WWW
Jon Kleinberg kleinber@cs.cornell.edu Cornell University +1-607-254-4636 Structural Analysis of the World Wide Web
Thomas Wierlemann thomas.wierlemann@t-mobil.de T-Mobil + 49 251 977 3921 Performance of TCP/IP and its Application Protocols over Narrowband Bearers with high Latency
Marc Abrams abrams@vt.edu Virginia Tech +1-540-231-8457
Erich Nahum nahum@watson.ibm.com IBM Research +1-914-784-7319
Hidetaka Ohto ohto@research.panasonic.com Panasonic Technologies Inc +1-609-734-7598
Li Zhang zhangl@watson.ibm.com IBM Research Division +1-914-784-7424 available later
Philipp Hoschka ph@w3.org W3C +1 617 258 0604 W3C Architecture Domain
Johan Hjelm hjelm@w3.org W3C +1-617-253-9630 How do we know they are mobile?
Anja Feldmann anja@research.att.com AT&T +1-9733608977 Continuous online extraction of HTTP traces from packet traces
Solom Heddaya aheddaya@infolibria.com InfoLibria, Inc. +1-781-398-0288 x109 Network-Centric Measurement of Caching
Judy Brewer jbrewer@w3.org W3C +1-617-258-9741 Web Accessability Initiative
Henrik Frystyk Nielsen frystyk@w3.org W3C +1-617 258 8143
Christopher Roadknight roadknic@drake.bt.co.uk British Telecom +44-1473 735734 Position paper
Craig Wills cew@cs.wpi.edu Worcester Polytechnic Institute +1-508-831-5622 Characterizing Web Resources and Server Responses to Better Understand the Potential of Caching

Ilan Kinreich ilank@radview.com Radview Software +1-781-860-7570 Position Paper for the W3C Workshop on Web Characterization